Leea Coccinea Rubra

Leea coccinea ‘Rubra,’ or Hawaiian Holly, is a tropical shrub prized for its stunning crimson flowers and striking bronze-red foliage. Growing up to 8 feet tall, it thrives in partial shade and well-draining soil. This low-maintenance plant adds an exotic touch to tropical gardens, borders, and containers, but should be protected from frost and its berries are non-edible.

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Leea coccinea ‘Rubra,’ commonly known as Hawaiian Holly or Red Leea, is a tropical shrub in the Vitaceae family. Native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific islands, this plant is admired for its striking foliage and colorful appearance. It is a popular choice for tropical gardens and landscapes, adding a touch of exotic beauty.

Physical Appearance:
‘Rubra’ is a deciduous shrub that can grow up to 6 to 8 feet (1.8 to 2.4 meters) tall. It has large, elliptical leaves that are glossy and deep green with prominent veining. As the plant matures, the foliage takes on a bronze-red hue, especially when exposed to bright light or cooler temperatures. The leaves are borne on long, arching stems, giving the plant an elegant, cascading appearance.

Flowers and Berries:
The flowering season of Leea coccinea ‘Rubra’ occurs during late summer to early fall. The plant produces clusters of small, star-shaped, crimson flowers that are visually striking against the dark green or reddish foliage. The flowers are followed by small, rounded berries that mature from green to a deep purplish-black when ripe.

Cultural Requirements:
‘Rubra’ thrives in warm, tropical climates and prefers partial shade or dappled sunlight. It does well in well-draining, fertile soils with good moisture retention. Regular watering is essential to keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry spells.

1. Ornamental Purpose: Leea coccinea ‘Rubra’ is widely cultivated for its eye-catching foliage and vibrant flowers. It makes an attractive focal point in tropical gardens, borders, and mixed planting beds.

2. Privacy Screen: With its dense, bushy growth and arching branches, ‘Rubra’ can be used as a natural privacy screen or hedge.

3. Cut Foliage: The colorful leaves of ‘Rubra’ can be used in flower arrangements and bouquets to add a tropical touch.

4. Erosion Control: The shrub’s robust growth and root system make it effective for controlling erosion on slopes.

Note: While Leea coccinea ‘Rubra’ is generally low-maintenance, it may require protection from strong winds and cold temperatures, as it is sensitive to frost. In areas with cooler climates, it is often grown as a container plant and brought indoors during colder months. It is essential to note that the berries of Leea coccinea ‘Rubra’ are not edible and may be toxic if ingested, so keep them out of the reach of children and pets.


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