Chlerodendron splendens

Chlerodendron splendens, commonly known as the Red Pagoda Plant or Glorybower, is a tropical shrub with a bushy growth habit. It features glossy dark green leaves and striking pagoda-shaped flowers in vibrant shades of red, pink, or orange. This plant is grown for its ornamental value, adding color and visual interest to gardens and landscapes. It thrives in tropical and subtropical regions, requiring full sun to partial shade and regular watering. Chlerodendron splendens is a beautiful choice for creating a tropical ambiance in outdoor spaces.

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Chlerodendron splendens is a plant species commonly known as the Red Pagoda Plant or Glorybower. It is a tropical shrub belonging to the Lamiaceae family. Here is some detailed information about Chlerodendron splendens:

  1. Description: Chlerodendron splendens is a small to medium-sized shrub that can reach a height of 1 to 2 meters (3 to 6 feet) with a similar spread. It has a bushy and rounded growth habit with multiple stems. The leaves are opposite, ovate or lanceolate, and have a glossy dark green color. The foliage may emit a pungent scent when crushed.
  2. Flowers: The Red Pagoda Plant is renowned for its striking and showy flowers. The flowers are tubular with a flared, pagoda-like shape, hence the common name. They are typically bright red or scarlet, although cultivars with pink or orange flowers can also be found. The flower clusters are terminal, appearing at the ends of the stems or branches. The blooming period typically occurs in the warm months, attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.
  3. Cultivation: Chlerodendron splendens thrives in tropical and subtropical regions. It prefers full sun to partial shade and well-drained soil. Regular watering is necessary to keep the soil moist, but it should not be waterlogged. The plant can be grown in containers or as part of garden beds or borders. Pruning can be done to maintain its shape and promote bushier growth. It is important to note that Chlerodendron splendens may not tolerate frost or cold temperatures, so it is best suited for warm climates.
  4. Uses: Chlerodendron splendens is primarily cultivated for its ornamental value. The vibrant and eye-catching flowers make it a popular choice for adding color and visual interest to gardens and landscapes. It can be used as a specimen plant, in mixed borders, or as a hedge. Additionally, the nectar-rich flowers attract pollinators, making it beneficial for supporting local wildlife.
  5. Caution: Some parts of the Chlerodendron splendens plant, including the leaves and stems, are reported to contain toxic compounds. It is advisable to handle the plant with care and keep it out of the reach of children and pets.

Chlerodendron splendens, with its vibrant red pagoda-shaped flowers, is a charming addition to tropical gardens. Its lush foliage and showy blooms provide an attractive display and can bring a touch of tropical flair to any outdoor space.


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