Araucaria (Xmas tree )

Araucaria, commonly called the “Christmas tree,” is a coniferous tree known for its pyramidal shape and dense foliage. Varieties like Araucaria heterophylla and Araucaria columnaris are popular choices. They serve as festive decorations during the Christmas season and add ornamental beauty to gardens and landscapes year-round. Their symmetrical form and evergreen nature make them iconic symbols of holiday cheer.

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Araucaria, commonly known as the “Christmas tree” or “Xmas tree,” refers to various evergreen coniferous trees belonging to the Araucariaceae family. While different species are used as Christmas trees, the most common ones are Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine) and Araucaria columnaris (Cook Pine).


Araucaria trees have a distinctive pyramidal or columnar shape that closely resembles the traditional Christmas tree silhouette. The branches are horizontally arranged in regular tiers, creating a symmetrical and elegant form. The foliage consists of densely packed, needle-like leaves that can be dark green or bluish-green, depending on the species.


Araucaria trees are typically grown as ornamental trees in gardens or as potted plants for indoor decoration during the Christmas season. They prefer a well-draining soil mix and are adaptable to a range of climates, from tropical to temperate regions. Araucaria trees thrive in full sun or partial shade and require regular watering to keep the soil consistently moist.


One of the primary uses of Araucaria trees is as a Christmas tree. Their symmetrical shape and evergreen foliage make them popular choices for festive decorations. They can be adorned with lights, ornaments, and tinsel to create a festive centerpiece during the holiday season. Additionally, Araucaria trees are valued as ornamental plants in gardens, parks, and landscapes, adding vertical interest and a touch of elegance.


While Araucaria trees are aesthetically pleasing and commonly associated with Christmas, it is important to note that they are not traditional pine trees (genus Pinus) typically used as Christmas trees. Araucaria trees have different growth habits, foliage, and characteristics. Nonetheless, they have become popular alternatives for those seeking unique and exotic Christmas tree options.


Araucaria, often referred to as the “Christmas tree,” is a group of coniferous trees with a classic pyramidal shape and dense foliage. Araucaria heterophylla and Araucaria columnaris are popular species used as Christmas trees due to their attractive form and evergreen nature. Whether as a festive decoration or a year-round ornamental tree, Araucaria adds beauty and a touch of tradition to indoor and outdoor spaces.


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